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Contacting the Parish Council

The Parish Clerk, Lynda Jackson, is the point of contact for the Parish Council.  To contact her, use the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use the Contact Us Form. Alternatively, you can phone her o07517 794647.

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 Parish Council meetings

The Parish Council meetings are usually held in the Village Hall.  Meetings all start at 7.45 pm .There is a Democratic Period after item 4. on the Agenda of each meeting when the public can raise questions and comments with the Council. Please note that anyone wishing to raise concerns should limit their time speaking to 5 minutes in order that the items on the Agenda can be completed.

In the interest of early publication for residents, draft minutes are issued within 14 days of the meeting. These may be amended before being approved and signed at the following council meeting when they become the final minutes. Draft minutes are replaced on this website by final minutes within 7 days of the approval meeting.

2017 Meeting dates:
Meeting agenda will be linked to the meeting date below, 3 days before the meeting.
Meeting minutes will be linked to the meeting date below, within 14 days after the meeting.

Monday 16th January 2017  Minutes

Monday 17th July 2017     draft Minutes                Venue:Cricket Club Pavilion  

Monday 20th March 2017     Minutes
Monday 18th September 2017 Venue:Cricket Club Pavilion 
Monday 24th April 2017        Minutes  
Monday 16th October 2017 

Monday 15th May 2017[1]   Annual Parish draft Minutes & Annual Parish Council Minutes

Monday 11th December 2017  

Monday 19th June 2017       Minutes

Venue: Coleshill Village School   


[1] Includes Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and Annual Parish Meeting.

Click here to read the Council meeting minutes from previous years

Your Parish Council

The Parish Council is the grass roots level of Local Government being elected from residents of the Village. Unlike all other levels of Government the Parish Council is non-political with elected members representing only their interest in the Village of Coleshill.  

The vision of the Parish Council is to maintain Coleshill as an attractive and thriving village combining the delights of this area of outstanding natural beauty with the amenities of a modern forward looking community.

Members of the Council


Terence Prideaux

Chairman of Parish Council
Specific Responsibility
Local Area Forum, S.A.G, Village Hall, Village newsletter, Finance

 Jon Herbert

Jonathan Herbert

Member of the Parish Council
Specific Responsibility
Coleshill Common, Planning

 lynn_woodgate Lynn Woodgate Member of Parish Council
Specific Responsibility
Village School, Playground 
 carol hallchurch Carol Hallchurch Member of Parish Council
Specific Responsibility
Planning, Tennis Club 
 Photo Mary Pollock

Member of Parish Council
Specific Responsibility
Highways, Open Spaces

 CraigSaunders Craig Saunders

Member of the Parish Council

Specific Responsibility

Cricket Club, Highways

GuyCornelius Guy Cornelius

Member of the Parish Council

Specific Responsibility


Next Parish Council Elections : May 2019

Planning in Coleshill

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990, schedule 1, para 8, gives Parish Councils the Power to be notified of and to comment on all planning applications within the Parish.  The Local Planning Authority is Chiltern District Council

Click here for details of all planning applications in the Parish.

Click here to email and questions or query regarding planning in Coleshill.

Parish Council Email Mailing List

The Parish Council operates a mailing list to keep residents updated with useful information.  By subscribing to the list, you will receive the following categories of information in your email mailbox:

     1. Parish Council notices (eg meeting agendas)
     2. Planning application notices
     3.Thames Valley Police notices
     4. Road works and road closure notices.
     5. Severe weather warnings
     6. Other similar information of general interest

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Parish Council Annual Report 2013

Click here to read the Parish Council Annual Report

Coleshill Common Byelaws

Click on this link to read the byelaws that govern the use of the common.

Village Pond

The village pond and its husbandry was the subject of a report in 2007 which led to the recent clean up.To read this report click here

Council Documentation

Code of Conduct

Standing Order

Publication Scheme

Freedom of Information Policy

Complaints Procedure

Financial Regulations

Grievance Procedure

Policy for Dealing with the Press

Members Declaration of Interest

Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights- Accounts ending 31.3.17

Statutory Accounts 2016-17

End of Year Accounts 2014-15 - Bank Reconciliation & Explanation of significant variances in the accounting statements

End of Year Accounts 2015-16- Bank Reconciliation & Explanation of significant variances in the accounting statements

Certified Annual Return  2014-15,  2015-16

Annual Governance Statement 2014-15

Internal Audit report 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17

Notice of conclusion of the audit and right to inspect the Annual Return for year ended 31st March 2016

Location of Public Land & Fixed assets