This table lists planning applications for properties in Coleshill. The applications are in reverse chronological order with the newest  at the top. Starting in January 2012, each entry includes a link to the Chiltern District Council page where documents associated with the application can be viewed. To access these, click on the blue Application Number in the second column of the table.

Ongar Hill Cottage CH/2017/1446 Demolition and relocation of existing garage
Westrip CH/2017/1380 Rear single storey and first floor side extensions and alterations to entrance porch roof      
Ongar Hill Cottage CH/2017/1323 Application for reserved matters of outline pp CH/2017/0248/OA for the sub division of plot, demolition of ancillary outbuildings and erection of additional detached dwelling      
1 Amber Cottages CH/2017/1299 Part two storey, part single storey rear extension
Grove Mill CH/2017/1207 Garden store No obj
Brentford Grange Farm CH/2017/1191 Two storey side(SE & NW) extensions, two storey rear extension No obj
Penridge CH/2017/0729 Part single,part two storey front extn, single storey rear extn No obj Conditional permission granted 27/07/2017
Stockings House CH/2017/0896 Single storey Orangery extension No obj Conditional permission granted 19/07/2017
Westlands CH/2017/0264 Single storey ancillary outbuilding No obj Conditional permission granted 04/10/2017
Ongar Hill Cottage CH/2017/0248 Sub-division of plot, demolition of ancillary outbuilding and erection of an additional detached dwelling. (outline planning application with all matters reserved). Objection, not in GB4 area and against AONB and GB policy Conditional permission granted . No substantial harm to GB and AONB. 31/05/2017
Bowers Croft CH/2017/0246 Re-development of site to provide two detached dwellings with vehicular access. (amendment to pp CH/22016/1640/FA) Objection- encroachment into GB and AONB Conditional permission granted . No substantial harm to GB and AONB. 04/05/2017
Oak Tree Cottage CH/2016/2250 First floor side extension and single storey side extension Objection – in AONB, contrary to GB13 pp refused. 02/02/2017
Hunters Moon CH/2016/1976 Addition of a glass fronted porch to front entrance No obj Certificate of Lawfulness allowed 11/10/2016
Thatch Cottage CH/2016/1839 Two single storey front/side/rear extensions to replace the existing single storey rear projection No obj conditional permission granted 29/11/2016
Clenemer Cottage CH/2016/1744 Replacement porch, fenestration alterations. Increase of opening to incorporate doors No obj conditional permission granted 14/11/2016
Amersham Rd CH/2016/1045 siting of non-residential caravan/storage unit on agricultural land (application for certificate of lawfulness by owner of vine field) No obj Certificate of Lawfulness allowed 12/12/2016
26 Hill Meadow CH/2016/1702 Two storey rear extension, single storey front extension and fenestration alterations No obj conditional permission granted 11/10/2016
2&3 Crosspath Cottages,Magpie Lane. CH/2016/1558 Creation of vehicular access with associated hard-standing for number 2 and 3 No obj Withdrawn as highways considered it unsafe
Cherry Tree Cottages CH/2016/1633 Non material amendment to planning permission CH/2015/1403 No obj Accepted 27/10/2016
Bowers Croft CH/2016/1640 Redevelopment of site to provide two detached dwellings and new access. No obj coditional permission granted 11/07/2016
Red Lion Cottage CH/2016/1644 Grade II listed building consent for replacement door and 4 windows to front of property No obj conditional permission granted 11/07/2016
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2016/1567 variation of condition 8 of planning permission CH/2016/1060 Objection Removal of condition 8 considered too restrictive 18/10/2016
Waggoners Bits Stables, Whielden Lane CH/2016/1207 Full application for variation of conditions 1 and 3 of PP CH/2010/0260 for continued use of land for private gypsy site from temp to permanent status. Objection Awaiting decision
7 Manor Way CH/2016/1108 Amendment of planning permission CH/2016/0487 – part 2 storey part single storey rear extn.; front porch and fenestration alterations No obj conditional permission granted 10/08/16
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2016/1060 Amendment of planning permission CH/2014/1617 – to include basement for storage of cars No obj conditional permission granted 01/08/16
Land adjacent to Cherry Tree Farm CH/2016/1015 Construction of replacement barn and two stable blocks. Objection – question scale conditional permission granted 16/06/16
Bowers Mill Farm CH/2016/0831 Conversion of agricultural building to a residential dwelling with associated landscaping and parking Objection conditional permission granted  
Stockings House CH/2016/0618 Replacement greenhouse No obj conditional permission granted 07/06/16
Meadowcot CH/2016/0487 First floor extn to existing detached single storey ancillary garage/annexe incorporating increased ridge height to facilitate two dormer windows. Objection. conditional permission granted 02/06/16
7 Manor Way CH/2016/0616 Two storey rear extension, open porch to front, fenestration alterations No obj withdrawn
Westlands CH/2016/0554 Demolition of existing conservatory and side porch extension. Construction of a two storey rear extension, first floor extension over an existing garage and garage conversion No obj pp granted 17/05/2016
Littlelands CH/2016/0407 Single storey side extension to existing garage to provide outbuilding for storing logs and animal feed (for donkeys). No obj application for HB withdrawn 29/04/2016
Ongar Hill Cottage CH/2016/0320 Subdivision of plot, demolition of ancillary outbuildings and erection of detached four bedroom dwelling. (outline planning application with all detailed matters reserved) Objection – in AONB, contrary to GB13 pp refused. Inappropriate development in Green Belt 19/04/2016
Appeal APP/X0415/W/16/315/947 started 04/07/2016
Thatch Cottage CH/2016/0329 Single storey front/side extns by N/West and N/East elevations incorporation a single storey front porch following demolition of attached elongated single storey line of buildings along the East flank elevation. (amendment to pp CH/2015/2263 Objection – much larger than original dwelling Refused significantly larger and contrary to GB13 19/04/16
Orange Tree Cottage CH/2016/0317 New single storey extension to front of house to accommodate larger dining room and living room Objection. Affect building line and neighbours. pp granted 20/04/2016
Cherry Tree Cottages CH/2015/2343 Alternative to permission granted under CH/2015/1403 to include basement underground car park and some amendments to dwellings No obj but asked for conditions to be considered pp refused. Inappropriate development in Green Belt 11/02/2016
Stock Place CH/2015/2158 Internal alterations to listed building, roof dormer, replacement doors and windows, replacement side bay flat roof with timber framed glazed pitch roof. No obj. comment as before
Stock Grove CH/2015/1945 Part two storey, part single storey front extn No obj Conditional permission granted 01/02/2016
Stock Place CH/2015/2156 Insertion of roof dormer, replacement timber casement windows and doors, replacement lime render,new timber framed pitched roof to existing side bay projection No obj. Case Officer report on LB noted. conditional permission granted 16/06/2016
Woodmist CH/2015/2161 Roof extn to existing bungalow to create a two storey dwelling, a two storey front extn, single storey side extn incorporating carport to front, finestration alterations Objection Conditional permission granted 14/01/2016
Stock Place CH/2015/2159 Conversion of one garage to a gym, ancillary to main dwelling No obj Planning consent granted with conditions 14/01/2016
Elm Gables CH/2015/1937 Single storey rear extension and conversion of garage to habitable accommodation No obj Conditional permission granted 18/12/2015
Thatch Cottage CH/2015/1880 Certificate of lawful use proposed for single storey rear extension and two single storey front extensions No obj Approved 02/12/2015
Cherry Tree Cottages CH/2015/1403 Two replacement dwellings Objection, not like for like and affect visual openess Conditional permission granted with compliance restrictions 14/09/2015
Thornbury Cottage CH/2015/1384 New roof and first floor to existing side part of dwelling, including two dormer windows No obj Conditional permission granted 23/09/2015
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2015/1382 Redevelopment of part of site to provide a barn for mixed agricultural and equestrian use No obj but questioned size pp refused no evidence of agricultural enterprise on unit 14/09/2015
Herfordshire House CH/2015/1276 Refurbishment etc (as below) and amendment to listed building consent CH/2014/2137 and landscaping work and new road access No obj Listed building consent given with conditions 12/10/2015
Herfordshire House CH/2015/1275 Refurbishment of the existing dwelling and barn range to include single storey extensions and some demolition No obj pp granted with conditions 12/10/2015
Thatch Cottage CH/2015/0224 Appeal sought No obj Appeal dissmissed by PI 16/07/2015
Claymore CH/2015/1054 New vehicular access with associated hard standing No obj Conditional permission granted 28/07/2015
Thornbury Cottage CH/2015/0823 2 storey rear extension, replacement roof with 2 dormer windows to the North West elevation Objection as before pp refused 30/06/2015
Village House CH/2015/0697 Single-storey side garage infill extension. New chimneystack. No obj pp granted 14/04/2015
Larkins Green CH/2015/0658 Replacement windows (LB consent) No obj pp granted with conditions 17/06/2015
Pond Cottage CH/2015/0546 Felling of tree in Conservation Area. Overbearing presence and restriction of light. To be replaced by fruit trees No obj No TPO 01/05/2015
Land adjacent to Cherry Tree Farm CH/2015/0537 Replacement storage barn No obj PP refused need to supply more information to support application 19/05/2015
1 Coleshill Cottages CH/2015/0358 Internal alterations to GII listed building, including removal of one wall and reinstatement of others Objection on LB grounds. PP granted 18/05/2015
Brentford Grange Farm CH/2015/0400 2-storey rear extension; one-storey side extension to the west; one-storey side extension to the east Objection. Large increase in ground floor area and complete change of appearance. PP granted 29/04/2015
Coleshill Cof E School CH/2015/0274 Replacement glazing on one of rear windows. Certificate of Lawfulness sought but LBC will also be required No obj Certificate of Lawfulness issued. LB consent not required. 15/04/2015
Dewpond CH/2015/0233 Non-material amendment to glazing in CH/2013/1835 No obj
Thatch Cottage, Magpie Lane CH/2015/0224 Single-storey front/side extension to NW. Single-storey front/sode extension to NE elevation No obj PP refused. Not subordinate, given existing extensions, and intrusive. 02/04/2015
Thornbury Cottage, Chalk Hill CH/2015/0198 2-storey rear extension, replacement roof with 2 dormers to NW elevation Objection. Despite changes, remains obtrusive in landscape PP refused. Too large and intrusive 17/04/2015
Land adjacent to Cherry Tree Farm CH/2014/2301 Replacement Barn. Re-submission of CH/2014/1850 No obj PP granted 02/03/2015
1 Church Cottages CH/2014/2264 Single-storey front extension (porch) No obj PP granted 12/02/2015
Longfield, Village Road CH/2014/2228 Replacement dwelling No obj PP granted 02/03/2015
Chalk Pit House CH/2014/2250 Replacement outbuilding and new access driveway No obj PP granted 09/02/2015
Red Lion Cottages CH/2014/2201 Single-storey rear extension (retrospective), replacement conservatory roof and internal alterations
Hertfordshire House CH/2014/2136  Alterations to main house; rebuilding of and addition to outbuildings; and major landscaping work. No obj Application withdrawn (Highways Dept concerns) 13/02/2015
Hertfordshire House CH/2014/2137 as above  
Stock Grove CH/2014/1854 Garage extension No obj PP granted 23/12/2014
Land adjacent to Cherry Tree Farm CH/2014/1850 Replacement of existing equestrian barn No obj PP refused. Possibility of bats. 12/12/2014
3/4 Church Cottages CH/2014/1775 small rear extension to no.3 (amendment to permission CH/2014/0778) No obj PP granted 22/12/2014
Wheatsheaf Cottage CH/2014/1747 Construction of vehicular access and associated hardstanding No obj PP granted 25/11/2014
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2014/1707 Demolition of existing swimming pool&pool house and erection of replacement No obj PP granted 19/11/2014
Chalk Pit House CH/2014/1717 Crown reduction/selective lateral pruning of TPOd copper beech No obj PP granted 18/11/2014
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2014/1617 amendment to CH/2013/1857 to add basement No obj PP granted 05/11/2014
Ash Cottage CH/2014/1345 amendment to CH/2014/0139 No obj PP granted 23/09/2014
Forge House CH/2014/1278 1st floor and single-storey rear extensions No obj PP granted 19/09/2014
Dewpond CH/2014/1265 Minor technical amendment to CH/2013/1835 No chance to comment Approved 22/07/2014
Coleshill C of School CH/2014/1000 Re-application by BCC for Listed Building consent Same comments as on earlier applications Approved 15/08/2014
Dewpond CH/2014/0887 Minor amendment to condition 10 of permission CH/2013/1835 No obj Application withdrawn 14/06/2014
Thatch Cottage, Magpie Lane CH/2014/0874 Single-storey front/side extension + front/side rear extension No obj PP refused. Not subordinate given earlier extensions. Increased prominence/intrusion 11/07/2014
3/3a Church Cottages CH/2014/0778 Conversion of 2 flats into 2 dwellings (revision of CH/2012/1327) Comments on adequacy of parking arrangements PP granted 17/07/2014
Coleshill C of E School CC/44/14 and CH/2014/0879 Resubmission of CH/2013/2149, seemingly unchanged. Resubmission of earlier comments BCC approved despite CDC recommending refusal 06 and 23/06/2014
Oakways, Barrack Hill CH/2014/0777 Single-storey rear extension No obj PP granted 20/06/2014
Thornbury Cottage, Chalk Hill CH/2014/0692 2-storey rear extension Objection. Disproportionate and obtrusive PP refused. "A dominant and assertive addition". 25/06/2014
4 Crack Willows by Pond CH/2014/0666 Pollarding CPC application No TPO. Can do work
2 Willows by Pond CH/2014/0587/TP Crown reduction to deal with storm damage CPC application Permission granted 28/05/2014
Longfield, Village Road CH/2014/0426 Single-storey front extension with accommodation in roof space + dormer windows (variation to previously-approved CH/2013/1363) No obj PP granted 01/05/2014
Orchard House CH/2014/0409 Single-storey side extension and alterations to storage area Comment on possible use as separate dwelling PP granted 01/05/2014
Thatch Cottage, Magpie Lane CH/2014/0293 In-fill extension to thatched roof No obj PP granted 16/04/2014
Windmill Farm CH/2014/0211 2-storey south and 2-storey west extensions, with linked basement and 5 dormer windows. Comments. Greater visibility from road. Hedge must be retained. PP refused. Greater mass and bulk make it visually intrusive and harmful to current setting of Windmill 03/04/2014
      Appeal 2220451 started 24/06/2014
Windmill Farm CH/2014/0189 Part 2-storey, part single-storey side/rear extension to NW and SW elevations, plus linking basement No obj PP granted 31/03/2014
Ash Cottage, New Road CH/2014/0139 Single-storey rear extension + replacement garage No obj PP granted 21/03/2014
Windmill Farm CH/2014/0018 2-storey side extension with basement No obj given alternatives. New entrance for builder's use should be temporary. Defer to grant conditional approval subject to advertizing and legal agreement At Planning Committee. 03/04/2014
Windmill House CH/2014/0006 Replacement outbuilding No obj PP granted 28/02/2014
Coleshill C of E School CH/2013/2149 Ramp and new classroom entrance Alternative should be considered first APPLICATION WITHDRAWN 10/03/2014
Chalk Pit House CH/2013/1977 Part single-storey to south, part 2-storey/part single-storey to north-east elevations No obj but need to be consulted re proximity to Common and preference for hipped roof PP granted 23/01/2014
Ongar Hill Cottage CH/2013/1830 Part 2-storey, part single-storey extension. No obj PP granted 10/01/2014
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2013/1857 Erection of a replacement dwelling, detached garage and laying of hardstanding No obj PP refused. Still too prominent and intrusive in landscape 19/12/2013
      Appeal 2213936 started 21/02/2014
      Appeal allowed 19/06/2014
Dewpond, Village Road CH/2013/1835 Redevelopment of site to provide 2 detached dwellings with detached garages and associated hardstanding Comments. Adversely affects view of GB/AONB PP granted 06/03/2014
Longfield, Village Road CH/2013/1752 Replacement detached workshop building No obj PP granted 18/12/2013
Moorey, Village Road CH/2013/1654 Erection of detached outbuilding with roofspace Comments. Smaller garage space desirable. PP refused. Too large and obtrusive in landscape 03/12/2013
Land opposite Friars Vane CH/2013/1658 Felling of horse chestnut and cedar within the conservation area No obj Permitted 20/11/2013
Oak Tree Cottage CH/2013/1589 Amendment to CH/2013/0858 Objection. Scale of new structure and intrusion into GB. PP granted with 8 conditions 18/12/2013
Wallers Oak CH/2013/1491 Erection of attached carport (part retrospective) No obj Still pending  
Windmill House CH/2013/1437 Part single-storey, part 2-storey side extension. No comments made PP granted 28/10/2013
Longfield, Village Road CH/2013/1363 Single-storey front extension with accommodation in roof space. Cannot comment PP granted 30/09/2013
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2013/0704 Replacement dwelling, detached garage and hardstanding No comments made PP refused. Too bulky. Visually intrusive in landscape.Seriously harmful to openness of GB. Neo-Georgian design inappropriate to locality. 26/07/2013
Oak Tree Cottage CH/2013/0838 Amendments to previously approved CH/2012/0902 Comments PP granted. Explicitly states does not cover possible basement. 31/07/2013
2 Rushymead Cottages CH/2013/0740 Part 2-storey, part single storey rear extension+fenestration changes No obj PP granted 19/06/2013
Topcliffe, 6 Chase Close CH/2013/0732 Single storey side/front extension No obj PP granted 10/07/2013
Luckings Farm CH/2013/0634 Change of use from B1 (Office) to D1 (Non-residential institutional) No obj Change of use approved 10/06/2013
Longfield, Village Road CH/2013/0494 Detached double garage Cannot comment PP granted 14/05/2013
Bowers Farm CH/2013/0280 Replacement porch to north. Replacement single-storey to south. Hardstanding and retaining walls. No obj PP granted 12/04/2013
Wellside, Village Road CH/2013/0228 Single-storey front extension and single-storey rear extension incorporating basement Objection. Excessive glazing at rear detrimental to openness of GB. Precedent. PP granted 26/03/2013
3 Chase Close CH/2013/0100 Single-storey rear extension (with balcony)+single-storey side extension link to garage No obj PP granted 11/03/2013
Luckings Farm House CH/2012/1980 Single-storey rear extension. Front porch. Internal alterations. No obj PP granted. 14/02/2013
Longfield, Village Road CH/2012/1979 Single-storey rear extension + dormer windows Cannot comment Certificate granted for extension but refused for dormer window. 14/02/2013
Old Cow Barn, Luckings Farm CH/2012/1783 Certificate of Lawfulness for extension of change of use from Class B1(a) to B1 No obj Certificate granted. Not a material change of use. 31/01/2013
Wellside, Village Road CH/2012/1875 Single storey front and rear extensions. Concerns re extension going beyond existing rear line of houses PP granted 28/01/2013
Orchard House, Tower Road CH/2012/1854 Single-storey rear extension No obj PP granted 22/01/2013
3 Chase Close CH/2012/1835 Single-storey side extension, new vehicular access and larger driveway No obj but question re existing garage PP granted 21/02/2013
Certificate granted but superseded by Art 4 Direction 16/01/2013
Windmill Farm CH/2012/1822 Certificate of lawfulness for detached garage/store Strong objections Article 4 restriction 20/12/2012
Certificate refused 16/01/2013
Windmill Farm CH/2012/1821 Certificate of lawfulness for 2-storey Northern elevation extension Strong objections Article 4 restriction 20/12/2012
Certificate granted but superseded by Art 4 Direction 16/01/2013
Windmill Farm CH/2012/1820 Certificate of lawfulness for single-storey SW extension Strong objections Article 4 restriction imposed 20/12/2012
Wallers Oak CH/2012/1282 Certificate of lawfulness for prior use of agricultural land Is the change of use in fact to "business" rather than "garden", from agricultural? Certificate granted 04/07/2013
Wellside, Village Road CH2012/1505 Certificate of lawfulness for 4 metre single-storey rear extension No comment. Permitted development Certificate granted 16/11/2012
3/3A Church Cottages CH/2012/1327 Part 2-storey, part single storey, part 1st floor side/rear extension and front porch to convert 2 maisonettes into 2 dwellings, rebuilding of front external walls, alteration to existing vehicular access, hardstanding, vehicular entrance gates as above PP granted 16/11/2012
3/3A Church Cottages CH/2012/1328 Part demolition of existing garage and front boundary wall Comments. Effect on parking in Barrack Hill and traffic in general PP granted 16/11/2012
Windmill Farm CH/2012/1387 2-storey extension to western levels Not seen PP granted 26/10/2012
Bowers Farm CH/2012/1386 Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of replacement Comments. Height and view from footpath PP granted 16/11/2012
Bowers Farm CH/2012/1385 Demolition of existing field shelter and replacement with new shelter/store No obj PP granted 26/10/2012
Cherry Tree Farm CH/2012/1289 Detached garage and hardstanding (revision to rejected application 2012/0728) No obj PP granted 08/10/2012
Oak Tree Cottage CH/2012/0902 Demolition of existing dwelling, erection of replacement dwelling, detached double garage, entrance gates and brick piers. Objection. Not "sustainable development". Obtrusive. PP granted 10/09/2012
Copper Cottage CH/2012/0780 2 storey side/rear extension+some rendering and alterations to fenestration No obj PP granted 25/07/2012
Grove Mill CH/2012/0784 Detached garage No obj PP granted. 09/07/2012
Cherry Tree farm CH/2012/0728 Detached garage and hardstanding No obj PP refused. Too large. Intrusive in landscape. 26/06/2012
Stock Cottage, Barracks Hill CH/2012/0670 Internal alterations to listed building No obj PP not needed. LB consent given 22/06/2012
Stock Cottage, Barracks Hill CH/2012/0671 as above No obj PP not needed. LB consent given 22/06/2012
Ambleside, Tower Road CH/2012/0617 amendment to approved application CH/2011/1451 No obj PP refused. Alterations to previous permission too bulky and out of scale. 18/06/2012
Hunters Moon CH/2012/0603 Part single-storey, part 2-storey side extension No obj PP granted 13/06/2012
Windmill Farm CH/2012/0498 Amendment to approved application CH/2011/1584 to include new basement. No obj to application as such . Previously raised objection to new driveway remaining permanent expressed again. PP granted 28/05/2012
School CH/2012/0087 Replacement garden shed. No obj. PP granted 17/05/2012
Wallers Oak CH/2012/0313 Carport. Retrospective permission. Objection. Visually intrusive and not subordinate. PP refused. Inappropriate development harmful to Green Belt. 06/06/2012
      Appeal 2182644 started 20/11/2012
      Appeal dismissed 12/06/2013
Longfield, Village Road CH/2012/0285 Single-storey front extension Unable to comment. PP granted 08/05/2012
20 Hill Meadow CH/2012/0196 Single-storey rear extension No obj PP granted 24/04/2012
Stoney Path Cottage CH/2012/0115 Front/Side porch No obj LB consent granted 11/04/2012
Windmill Farm CH/2012/0018 2-storey extension to western side elevation+rooflight & hardstanding Objection. Completely alters character of house. Visually intrusive and no subordinate. PP refused. Alters character of building and adversely affects relationship with Windmill/ 19/03/2012
Appeal 2173818 started 13/04/2012
Appeal dismissed 17/05/2012
Hunters Moon, Tower Road CH/2011/1966 2-storey side/rear extension No obj PP refused. Visually intrusive o/a glazing and use of aluminium 27/01/2012
Appeal started 16/03/2012
Appeal dismissed 03/05/2012
Windmill Farm CH/2011/1584 Part 2-storey, part single-storey rear/side extension. No obj. Comments on parking. PP granted 23/12/2011
Moorey, Village Road CH/2011/1601 2-storey side extension No obj. Comment. PP granted 28/11/2011
Moorey, Village Road CH/2011/1542 Erection of detached outbuilding and laying of hardstanding No obj PP granted 28/11/2011
Moorey, Village Road CH/2011/1522 Pitched roof to existing flat roofed northern extension No obj PP granted 15/11/2011
Windmill Farm CH/2011/1422 New gated vehicular access to Windmill Hill No obj. Comments. PP granted 15/11/2011
Ambleside, Tower Road CH/2011/1451 Single-storey rear and side extensions plus 1st floor extension to form two-storey dwelling. No obj PP granted 28/10/2011
Clenemer Cottage CH/2011/1315 and 1316. Single storey rear extension (involving demolition of existing garden room). No obj PP granted 10/10/2011
Wheatsheaf Cottage CH/2011/1327 Single-storey side and rear extension to link with existing detached outbuilding+replacement front porch No obj PP granted 21/10/2011
Clenemer Cottage CH/2011/0562 Retention of rendering to front and side elevations No obj PP granted 19/09/2011
1 Chase Close CH/2011/0844 Single-storey front, side and rear extensions (amendments to previously granted CH/2009/1737) No obj PP granted 05/08/2011
The Spinney CH/2011/0879 Detached double garage, fencing and No obj PP granted 27/07/2011
1 Hill Meadow CH/2011/0488 Replacement detached garage No obj PP granted 22/06/2011
2 Manor Way CH/2011/0665 Single-storey rear extension Unable to comment PP granted 22/06/2011
Pond Cottage CH/2011/0583 Detached garage Comments PP granted 21/06/2011
Clenemer Cottage CH/2011/0377 Certificate of lawfulness for proposed operation re rear extension CPC not consulted Certificate refused. Full PP required. 16/05/2011
Grove Mill, Windmill Hill CH/2011/0385 Detached garage buiding with hardstanding and retaining wall Objection re size and adverse effect on views from public footpath. PP refused. Inappropriate development. 20/05/2011
Clenemer Cottage CH/2011/0524 Felling of 3 trees at rear No obj work permitted 08/06/2011
Windmill Farm CH/2011/0371 Certificate of lawfulness for part conversion of existing outbuilding Not seen Certificate granted 18/05/2011
Windmill Farm CH/2011/0395 Swimming pool No obj. Comments PP granted 24/05/2011
Windmill Farm CH/2011/0479 2-storey side extension No obj. Comments Application withdrawn 16/05/2011
Bowers Cottage CH/2011/0402 Extension to existing outbuilding No obj PP granted 09/05/2011
Moorey CH/2011/0223 Part 2-storey, part single-storey side/rear extension+new garage Scale of addition plus effect on views PP refused. Alters character of existing property. Not subordinate. Effect on street scene. Harm to amenities of neighbouring property. 21/04/2011
Orchard House CH/2011/0106 Enclosure of front porch and side porch extension. No obj PP granted 05/04/2011
Hill House, Windmill Hill CH/2011/0135 Small amendments to already-granted permission at CH/2009/1688 No obj APPLICATION WITHDRAWN 24/02/2011
Sandycroft, Tower Road CH/2011/0144 1st floor rear extension+side window No obj PP granted 21/03/2011
Solon,Tower Road CH/2010/2008 Single storey front, side and rear extension plus replacement roof to form chalet bungalow Objection re size and effect on street scene and neighbours. PP granted 04/03/2011
Pond Cottage CH/2010/1809 Brick wall with trellis and gate to side of house+replacement outbuilding No obj PP granted 04/02/2011
9 Amber Cottages CH/2010/1928 Single-storey rear extension (see also CH/2010/1317) No obj PP granted 04/02/2011
Windmill Farm CH/2010/1834 2-storey side extension, conversion of part of garage, swimming pool Comments on parking etc PP refused. Extension not subordinate. Harm to setting of listed windmill. 28/01/2011
Appeal started. 09/05/2011
Appeal dismissed 24/06/2011
Coleshill Cottage CH/2010/1883 Removal of brick exterior panel and replacement fireplace No obj LB consent granted 19/01/2011
Longfield, Village Road CH/2010/1721 Replacement dwelling, double garage and 2 outbuildings No obj PP refused. Materially larger than existing bugalow+intrusive in landscape. 18/02/2011
Appeal started 08/06/2011
Appeal dismissed 07/09/2011
Springfield, Tower Road CH/2010/1750 Rear and side 2-storey extensions+ replacement garage. No obj PP granted 24/12/2010
Pond Cottage CH/2010/1472 Detached double garage Comments PP refused. Prominent and intrusive in street scene. 06/12/2010
Orchard House CH/2010/1512 Retention of existing alterations to barn No obj PP granted 29/11/2010
Roan Cottage, Windmill Hill CH/2010/1409 Single-storey rear extension+side window No obj PP granted 29/10/2010
9 Amber Cottages CH/2010/1317 Part single-storey, part 2-storey rear extension+roof lights No obj PP refused. Detrimental to next door (Jubilee Cott) 25/10/10
Wheatsheaf Cottage CH/2010/1344 Part single-storey, part 2-storey rear extension+new front porch Comments PP refused. Prominent and obtrusive addition. 12/10/10
Appeal started 14/01/11
Appeal dismissed 04/03/2011
Orchard House CH/2010/1178 Erection of Outbuilding No obj PP granted 24/09/10
Littlelands CH/2010/1105 Detached outbuilding No obj PP granted 21/09/10
Coleshill Lodge CH/2010/1063 Side conservatory (amendment to CH/2010/0688) No obj PP granted 20/08/10
Pond Cottage CH/2010/0923 CH/2010/0924 Replacement windows No obj LB consent refused for one historic window 23/08/10
1 Chase Close CH/2010/0947 White timber cladding to provide frame around 1st floor front windows No obj PP not required 17/08/10
2 Glebe House CH/2010/0778 Single storey rear extension (replacement) No obj PP granted 03/08/10
Grove Mill CH/2010/0740 Single storey glazed canopy No obj but comments Application withdrawn. 27/07/10
The Spinney CH/2010/0813 Detached double garage No obj PP granted 27/07/10
Wheatsheaf Cottage CH/2010/0812 Part single-storey, part two-storey rear extension+basement extension Concerns PP refused. Dominant, imposing and disproportionate. 16/07/10
Coleshill Lodge CH/2010/0688 Single storey rear extension (replacement conservatory roof) No obj PP granted 18/06/10
1 Chase Close CH/2010/0401 Certificate of Lawfulness for windows No obj Certificate granted 10/05/10
School CC/09/10 CH/2010/0366 Gazebo for outside learning No obj PP granted 20/04/10
11 Chase Close CH/2010/0262 2 storey rear extension+2 dormers {See also CH/2006/2351) No obj PP granted 14/04/10
Waggoners Bit Stables, Whielden Lane CH/2010/0260 Retention of use of land as single-pitch private residential Gypsy site Not consulted Refused. Effect on GB/AONB 22/07/10
Appeal started 08/12/10
Appeal allowed 29/06/11
Littlelands CH/2010/0111 Detached outbuilding comprising garage, workshop and office No obj PP refused. Not subordinate in scale + visually intrusive 13/04/10
Grays Cottage Tower Road CH/2010/0042 Certificate of Lawfulness to replace existing shed with lean-to. No obj Refused as work already started 15/03/10