Winter 2015 Update

There has been a burglary in Chase Close since the last edition. A safe was wrenched out of the wall and jewellery and other items stolen. There have also been tools stolen from vans in the area, though not in Coleshill.

The wooden, five bar gate into the cricket meadow was smashed through and a car driven around the field recently. This led the neighbours to worry that travellers may have been looking for a new site and the old, metal gate was quickly reinstated to keep further trouble makers out. New defences are being looked at. These will have to allow for the tractor and hedge cutting equipment to get in, which curtails height barriers. Large concrete blocks could be another alternative.

Please take care this winter and remember to be seen on the dark evenings.
Lindsey and Jack Haubner

PC 1701 Gavin McVeigh is the Beat Officer for Coleshill.

If you have any non urgent issues please telephone 101 or you can email gavin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In an emergency call 999.

Get Neighbourhood Watch Email alerts

Thames Valley Police operate a system called Ring Master to circulate information to the public. We receive these alerts when incidents occur in the village. To receive copies of tihe Ring Master Alerts, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, and ask to subsscribe to the email mailing list.

Neighbourhood Watch must try to fight back again.

They cannot be here all the time though, so it is up to us to take more care ourselves. Handbags, wallets and keys left within view in downstairs rooms are a magnet. Take all these, plus laptops, into your bedroom at night and hide them away. Set alarms at night or find other gizmos, such as sensors, which ring your front door if movement triggers them. Thirdly, notice suspicious cars or people. Call the local police on 0845 950 5505 and get them to check out anything unusual. They may just have a car registration listed as being stolen or belonging to a known felon. Finally, mark or photograph precious items so that, if they are stolen and subsequently found, you may have a chance of getting them back.

The police are grateful for any information we can give them. Always phone the police on 999 first in an emergency. When reporting information to Thames Valley Police, the new main switchboard telephone number is 08458 505505. (Calls to this number will be charged at local rates.)

Now that villagers have co-ordinators to report to, they all keep in touch if anyone suspicious is spotted and the police keep us up to date about current scams, wanted cars and people.

Security Precautions

- Lock all windows and doors and use timer switches for lights when you are out.
- Use movement sensitive lights for all approaches to your property
- Lock cars in garages and remove keys from near front and back doors.
- Don't leave valuables in sight of the windows, move them or close the curtains.
- If you have an alarm, use it.