Our work on the Common continues gently. Not so much cutting down these days but we plan more planting up this Spring which I have mentioned before. We regularly look out for spaces where a tree or two might be planted to keep the rotation of new trees and shrubs planted for the future. There are two categories at the moment: some new fruit trees and some new forest trees.

We continue the ambition to hopefully improve the condition of the Village Pond by adding new hazel hurdles behind which to plant up more plants in dredged pond silt. I expect this year we will be putting in a couple of species of open water plants such as water crowfoot which used to grow well in the pond. There are photographs in which it can be identified. If they thrive, dependent upon the ducks’ appetites, maybe then the pond will begin to look more natural and accommodate more amphibians once more.
As you may have heard, there are some plans to improve the surroundings of the pond. And, as will have been noticed, the big cherry tree at the south end of the pond has been felled as it was dying off.
We look forward to watching and enjoying the arrival of Spring on the Common.
Graham Thorne


Carol Hallchurch and Graham transplanting an apple tree by the raspberry patch