The Coleshill S.M.B.C. currently has 23 members who meet Monday evenings at 7.30pm until 10.30pm during the Winter Season and 7.30pm until 9.30 during the Summer to play Club games and competitions. The Club also enters teams to play in the South Bucks League and it has a high success rate, having won the cup six times over the last ten years.

For those not familiar with the game, it is usually played on a mat 45' long and 6' wide. A small white wooden block, one foot wide, is placed in the centre and halfway down the mat. Normal bowls such as those used on outdoor bowling greens are used. The bowls are more heavily weighted on one side to give them a bias thus causing the bowl to curve. The skill is to judge the distance and the curving path of the bowl to place it in the marked scoring area strategic to the jack which is the small, solid, yellow ball which has been placed initially in position by hand. Judgement is needed to prevent the bowl rolling off the mat completely, hitting the block of wood, failing to reach the scoring area or over reaching the scoring area (known as the ditch) all of which means the bowl is void and so removed. When all the players have bowled, the bowl or bowls nearest the jack are awarded to the successful team. These are called the shot woods. The term used when all the players have bowled all their bowls is an 'End'. The number of 'Ends' to be played is pre-determined. When the designated number of 'Ends' have been played the team with the overall highest number of shot woods is the winner.

bowls2Some of our members choose to play only casual club games; others choose to put their names forward to be selected to play in the League games. All members can play in the Club's Singles, Pairs and Triples competitions if they so choose. While Coleshill S.M.B.C. is a very successful competitive club it prides itself, nevertheless, in being a welcoming and friendly club. Why not come along and see if you would like to play? All levels of players are welcome, especially beginners, who would be encouraged and given all the help and advice they would like. The Club provide the bowls. 

Brian Hammond

Club News - Winter 2014

What a pleasure it is to write that the Bowls Club is still in business and we have new blood - Ann Lawrence, Liz Inchbald and Carol Hallchurch from the village plus Brenda from the Red Lion when not tied up with work. You will also note Jean Dover's daughter-in-law, Sally, along with her sons, Toby and Jack, 14 and 12, but already very proficient bowlers.

We had a friendly with Chesham recently and won by 3 shots. The return is on 8th December which we look forward to.

You may also note the ratio of ladies to gentlemen. We could do with a few more men, but still happy to accept more ladies of course.

We are closing for the Christmas break soon and will recommence at 7.30 pm on 12th January when we hope to start a new teaching session for any new bowlers. Why not come along and try it out?
John Holland
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