HS2 Meeting re. Traffic Disruption

Public meeting January 22nd 7.15pm in the Village Hall

Emma Gaydon, one of HS2’s Community Engagement Managers, will hold a public meeting in the Village Hall on January 22nd at 7:15 p.m. She will be accompanied by David McCann, Senior Project Manager for the Chiltern Tunnel, and Joel Sykes, Assistant Traffic Manager, Area Central.

The purpose of the meeting is to advise on the extent of traffic disruption during the six to seven year construction process.

We know from the Environmental Statement covering Amersham and the Chalfonts* that the A355, the A413 and the A404 have been designated as ‘primary access routes’ for construction traffic handling the two air vents at Chalfont St Giles and Whielden Lane/Amersham Hospital and that, for the former, Bottom House Lane will be permanently widened to where it connects with the A413.

Table 15 of the Environmental Statement provides estimates of vehicle movements from the construction sites in the area. The indicative start/ set-up date for both sites is expected to be in 2018. The duration of, and average daily combined two-way vehicle trips during busy periods from, the Chalfont St Giles site is six years and nine months; 80-100 car/LGVs and 20-40 HGVs. The respective figures for the A404 are six years and nine months; 80-100 and 90-100.

Villagers may wish to learn of the estimated increase in traffic movements over and above those mentioned, which part of the day and night HGV movements will occur and enquire as to what measures will be put in place to maintain access and egress from New Road, Magpie Lane and Tower Road which could involve the installation of traffic lights.

You may wish also to enquire about the scheduling of the building of the vent shafts e.g. will they be constructed simultaneously? What will be the size and height of the shafts and what materials will be used? What will happen to the spoil removal from the vent shafts and from the tunnelling?