What is the WI? – The Mystery Explained

The Women’s Institute is a meeting place for women, the biggest organisation for women in the world. It was formed before women’s suffrage when there was little education for country women. It has changed over the years to become a modern voice for women while upholding its core values and creating an atmosphere of friendship and fun for women.

Each Institute caters for its own members needs and interests and no two institutes are exactly the same. We choose what subjects we would like to learn about; which speakers we would like to inform or entertain us; whether and where we would like outings, rambles, theatre trips, concerts etc and how we run our own proceedings. It is NOT obligatory to make jam or pose for nude calendars!

Coleshill WI

We are a group of thirty members meeting in Coleshill Village Hall once a month when we have a speaker and a sumptuous tea. (Second Thursday of each month at 2pm (Nov – Feb) or 2.30pm (Mar – Oct) except August)

We also have frequent outings to the theatre and places of interest.

We are always delighted to welcome visitors if you would like to come and see what we are all about.

We sometimes have fundraising efforts for a local cause such as Scannappeal.

Upcoming Events:

10th May Resolutions Meeting 
14th June ‘Bagels and Bacon’ with Jeff Rozelaar
12th July TBA
9th August Open meeting with SERV, all are welcome.
13th September  ‘Being a Magistrate’
11th October  ‘Experiences as Mastermind’ with Mr. L Grout
8th November  AGM
13th December   Christmas Social


Members of all ages find something to interest them in the WI, so let us know what YOU would like to do and come and visit us.

Contact: Eileen Gershon

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Who is Who

President Eileen Gershon
Secretary Kim Teal
Treasurer Elaine West


Joan Domin
Ann Holroyd
Sally Pool

News - Spring 2018

We started our January meeting with a good turn out of members and lots of chatter as friends greeted each other and were catching up after the festive period. The business included everyone voting for this year’s choice of resolution to go forward to the National Meeting in Cardiff in June, when Bridget will be our delegate. When we know which resolution has been chosen we shall discuss it further at our May meeting and will duly let you know what it is and how we decide to vote!

Our first speaker for this year was our own Ruth Murphy talking about the Chilterns Crematorium. Some may have felt this would be a depressing subject, but far from it as Ruth’s talk was interesting, informative, re-assuring, thought provoking and even amusing! In February we shall learn about Brass Rubbing and in March Ikebana, which goes to prove we cover a wide range of diverse subjects. On April 12th at 2.30pm in the village small hall Dinah Latham is returning to tell us more about her experiences with her dog, Harriet. They have ventured into the world of sheep-herding and the talk promises to be entertaining. Do come and join us if this topic appeals to you, all are welcome.

Unusually this year we have decided to have an open meeting on 9th August, as we can use the big hall then, and we take this opportunity to invite folk from the village, partners, friends, etc to join us to listen to a talk from SERV. This charity of volunteer bike riders performs a vital service for the NHS transporting blood and organs for transplant needed throughout the country. The speaker will arrive on a motorbike and give a 45 minute presentation including a film. As some of our members have good reason to be grateful for this service we hope there will be a large and appreciative audience. Do come, and we will provide an excellent tea afterwards.

As I mentioned before our Chesswoods Group had to fold because sadly no one would volunteer to run it. I am pleased to say this is not all bad news as the WIs left in the group continue to hold out the hand of friendship and we have received invitations from both Little Chalfont Afternoon WI and Prestwood Afternoon WI to join them for parties. We in Coleshill plan to reciprocate next year when we will have a significant birthday to celebrate.

Meanwhile we continue to go for a monthly pub lunch. We enjoy the company but have had mixed luck with the, at times, depressing standard of food and service in local places, but we live in hopes that our feed back is accepted in the spirit in which it is given and things will improve. Our regular DVD showings are well attended and we have watched some good films. The County is offering some interesting trips especially one to the Ocean Liners exhibition at the V&A, and a Science Day with some impressive speakers. On a lighter note there was a murder mystery evening at World’s End and a Strictly Sequins event is coming up later in the month featuring costumes from a well known dance show. There is always plenty to suit all tastes at the WI!

Eileen Gershon


Lindsey Haubner – President Coleshill WI

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- www.bucksfwi.org.uk
- www.womens-institute.org.uk

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