What is WI? – The Mystery Explained

The Women’s Institute is a meeting place for women, the biggest organisation for women in the world. It was formed before women’s suffrage when there was little education for country women. It has changed over the years to become a modern voice for women while upholding its core values and creating an atmosphere of friendship and fun for women.

Each Institute caters for its own members needs and interests and no two institutes are exactly the same. We choose what subjects we would like to learn about; which speakers we would like to inform or entertain us; whether and where we would like outings, rambles, theatre trips, concerts etc and how we run our own proceedings. It is NOT obligatory to make jam or pose for nude calendars!

Coleshill WI

We are a group of thirty members meeting in Coleshill Village Hall once a month when we have a speaker and a sumptuous tea. (Second Thursday of each month at 2pm (Nov – Feb) or 2.30pm (Mar – Oct) except August)

We also have frequent outings to the theatre and places of interest.

We are always delighted to welcome visitors if you would like to come and see what we are all about.

We sometimes have fundraising efforts for a local cause such as Scannappeal.

AS WELL AS OUR MEETINGS, We enjoy an optional monthly pub lunch; DVD afternoons; are planning a summer river trip; participating in the Centenary Party at Waddesden Manor; the Celebration Lunch in Newton Longville; the county quiz night; The Federation council meeting at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury; Going to the Centennial Fair in Harrowgate; joining the county rambles and following the Celebration Baton events which will be taking place around the county in April.

We will also be celebrating 100 years of the Women's Institute by taking part in the Treemendous Flower Festival in July. Institutes around the county will be running flower festivals for us all to visit and, to advertise this, they will be decorating trees. So look out for balls, cans, yarn bombing, bunting and all sorts of other decorations in trees in villages all around the county - Coleshill included. Our own Flower Festival will take place during the Village Show Day weekend, on July 11/12.

Members of all ages find something to interest them in the WI, so let us know what YOU would like to do and come and visit us.

Contact Lindsey Haubner (not Eileen Gershon)

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Who is Who

President Lindsey Haubner
Secretary Kim Teal
Treasurer Joan Domin


Stephanie Rothwell
Wendy Senn
Sally Pool

News - Winter 2017

Whilst other nearby WIs have had to close because they cannot get members to take on the role of the officers Coleshill is managing to carry on much the same as before but with a new treasurer (as Elaine has kindly volunteered to take over from Joan) and with an extra committee member in Ann Holroyd. We owe Joan a debt of gratitude for all her years of trusty service, determinedly keeping those of us less strict about accounts on the straight and narrow and ensuring we have a healthy bank balance. Well done, Joan, and thank you. I agreed to continue as President as I am well supported by Kim, as secretary, and the rest of the committee. We have a lot of extra fun, and get to decide what we do!

We started by livening the AGM by inviting all our past members who were able to join us for a tea party to celebrate the ‘fun of friendship’. There was a good turn out and it was lovely to see them again and assure them that they are welcome to come to any of our meetings. Continuing with that theme we are planning to have several open meetings next year (Sally is booking lots of interesting speakers!) and hope some of you from the village will come along and enjoy listening, and sharing a delicious tea. WI outings that are arranged by the County Federation are often open to non-members too, and Stephanie Prideaux took advantage of this and joined Kim and myself for a most interesting day at the National Memorial Arboretum early in November. It is a particularly poignant time of year, and the autumn colours looked spectacular on a gloriously sunny day. It is a very beautiful place and if you have never visited then we all thoroughly recommend the experience. Kim continues to do a wonderful job of caring for our Bee Garden at the War Memorial in the village and indeed it looked splendid for Remembrance Sunday.

Earlier, in October, our speaker thrilled the members with descriptions of the poisons used by Victorian Pharmacists and their effects…..convincing us that, despite all our moans about the NHS, we are lucky to be alive today! Our Christmas lunch is to be at The Woolpack in Stoke Mandeville and we shall have a purely social, relaxed, afternoon at our December meeting. Sadly the Chesswoods Group has folded but the four remaining WIs hope to continue with some form of larger meeting once a year to which the other WIs will be invited, and Little Kingshill WI may well set the ball rolling as they have a big birthday to celebrate in 2018. Our monthly pub lunches continue to be well supported and enjoyed and we have re-instated a regular DVD afternoon at Lindsey’s house during the winter months. There is no shortage of excellent films to watch and discuss. Lindsey continues to be the member with the most time spent on craft projects and she manned a stall at the WI Craft Fair in Aylesbury, and brought more items to sell at our last meeting too, a chance for some early Christmas shopping.

We shall move into the New Year full of optimism that Coleshill WI will continue to thrive and hold out the hand of friendship to anyone who would like to visit us when we meet on the second Thursday afternoon of each month in the village hall.

Eileen Gershon


Lindsey Haubner – President Coleshill WI

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- www.womens-institute.org.uk

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