What is WI? – The Mystery Explained

The Women’s Institute is a meeting place for women, the biggest organisation for women in the world. It was formed before women’s suffrage when there was little education for country women. It has changed over the years to become a modern voice for women while upholding its core values and creating an atmosphere of friendship and fun for women.

Each Institute caters for its own members needs and interests and no two institutes are exactly the same. We choose what subjects we would like to learn about; which speakers we would like to inform or entertain us; whether and where we would like outings, rambles, theatre trips, concerts etc and how we run our own proceedings. It is NOT obligatory to make jam or pose for nude calendars!

Coleshill WI

We are a group of thirty members meeting in Coleshill Village Hall once a month when we have a speaker and a sumptuous tea. (Second Thursday of each month at 2pm (Nov – Feb) or 2.30pm (Mar – Oct) except August)

We also have frequent outings to the theatre and places of interest.

We are always delighted to welcome visitors if you would like to come and see what we are all about.

We sometimes have fundraising efforts for a local cause such as Scannappeal.

AS WELL AS OUR MEETINGS, We enjoy an optional monthly pub lunch; DVD afternoons; are planning a summer river trip; participating in the Centenary Party at Waddesden Manor; the Celebration Lunch in Newton Longville; the county quiz night; The Federation council meeting at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury; Going to the Centennial Fair in Harrowgate; joining the county rambles and following the Celebration Baton events which will be taking place around the county in April.

We will also be celebrating 100 years of the Women's Institute by taking part in the Treemendous Flower Festival in July. Institutes around the county will be running flower festivals for us all to visit and, to advertise this, they will be decorating trees. So look out for balls, cans, yarn bombing, bunting and all sorts of other decorations in trees in villages all around the county - Coleshill included. Our own Flower Festival will take place during the Village Show Day weekend, on July 11/12.

Members of all ages find something to interest them in the WI, so let us know what YOU would like to do and come and visit us.

Contact Lindsey Haubner (not Eileen Gershon)

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Who is Who

President Lindsey Haubner
Secretary Kim Teal
Treasurer Joan Domin


Stephanie Rothwell
Wendy Senn
Sally Pool

News - Autumn 2017

Since I last wrote it has been an extra busy time for our committee as, for various reasons, we seem often to be down to only three of us to cope! But cope we do, and live in hopes that some of the more able-bodied members consider lending a more active helping hand next year. We are delighted to have welcomed several visitors to our meetings. In June, we had an excellent speaker, a milliner called Tracey Blaney, whose animated chatter about the way hats are made had us all enthralled. She illustrated the various stages with examples and had brought a selection of differing styles for us to try. Her enthusiasm was catching and ladies who profess never to wear a hat were seen sporting one of Tracey’s creations and admiring themselves in the mirror!

In contrast, the talk in July was from Dinah Latham, who kindly stood in at the last minute and was accompanied by her adorable dog Harriet. Harriet was really the star of the show as she helped Dinah adjust to retirement after a long career as both a nurse and a midwife, and their walks are featured in a book of memoirs that Dinah was inspired to write, entitled ‘Walking Forward, Looking Back’. Despite the fact that some of our members had already read the book, we were all interested in hearing her story and others have enjoyed the book since. We hope to entice them both back next year to tell us about their sheep-herding exploits.

As always we have had regular, and well attended, pub lunches where the discussion ranges from accounts of holidays to current events and village gossip! It is a particularly good opportunity for newer members to get to know more people, and for us to learn more about them, and thus friendships are made. Likewise going on one of the outings arranged by the County Federation gives us a chance to chat to ladies from other local WIs, and to swap ideas. Kim, Elaine, Bridget and I had a perfect day out in glorious sunshine in Lacock, visiting the Abbey, the photographic museum, and wandering around the village, finding a pretty garden for a tasty lunch. Lots of people have commented on how few wasps there have been here this year (we usually have several nests under our peg tiles but none recently). Well, we can confirm that they are all in Lacock, where there is a great need for a ‘Giant Jam Sandwich’!

We had our own little outing to an interesting garden in Ellesborough and were given a sumptuous and delicious tea afterwards. As the day before had seen torrential and seemingly endless rain, we were very lucky to have fine weather and warm sunshine to view the garden, and peep through the gap in the hedge towards the monument on Coombe Hill. Another event, for the Chesswoods Group, was hosted by Prestwood Afternoon WI where we were entertained by a male choir called Bucks Voices, and we enthusiastically joined in some of the singing, not to mention indulging in the lavish tea!

Our September meeting will be informal, anyone and everyone is welcome to join us and discover the plans for the autumn.

Eileen Gershon


Lindsey Haubner – President Coleshill WI

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